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I woke up today at a really early hour, considering my weekend standards, when I usually drag myself out of bed at two o’clock in the afternoon, with a throbbing head and swearing to God (if there’s one) that I won’t drink anymore. But this Saturday I actually surprised myself and, driven by the insane intent of making “Banana Bread”, I got up, full of sober energy, with a feeling that was quite far from my familiar hangover state. 

But why have I suddenly decided to start baking, after 25 years spent with an idiosyncratic feeling towards the art of cooking? The first reason is that, since I’m getting old, I’ve started thinking that all this eating fast food and junk food will sooner or later drive me to an early death. The second one is connected to my effort of trying to get over my Peter Pan syndrome that has always made me think that cooking activities are something that only adults do. The third reason, is the perception that maybe I should reconsider my feminist misconception that spending time at the stove is something for ladies above suspicion.

That said, why the hell Banana Bread? Well, first of all I bloody love the taste of banana and second of all, I had a bunch of bananas that were likely to go off in a couple of days. But the main reason, which I probably should have mentioned first thing, is that last night, totally absorbed in a nostalgic, Rock ‘n Roll mood, I found myself looking for compilations from the 60s and ended up listening to “The Velvet Underground and Nico” released in 1967.

Now, for some inexplicable neuronal connection, inside my already ”shaken brain”, the vision of that blinding yellow, Andy Warhol banana on the cover of the album, has made me think of my “deep love” for bananas. So why not make a banana cake, with my far too ripe bananas?! I know you probably don’t give a shit about all this talking about these yellow fruits and I’m pretty sure that as radical as Andy Warhol was, it is quite unlikely that he was thinking of inspiring people to make cakes, while he was working in his studios “The Factory”, on the album cover of “TheVelvet Underground and Nico”.

And, I have even more concerns about the fact that The Velvet Underground had either cakes, or bananas, or damned banana bread, in their minds while they were writing “Cause it makes me feel like I’m a man when I put a spike into my vein” in their song “Heroin”. Still, this immersion in one of the music masterpieces of all times, has eventually given me the inspiration to make a cake and I’ve spent this early Saturday morning baking to the tune of “I’ll be your mirror” and “Little Sister”.

This, my dear readers is the result. Not bad at all, for an alcoholic, neophyte cook like me. As far as I am concerned, Music, always works as the best inspirational thing ever.






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