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So I was thinking, how do you make an FMX live show cooler than the usual FMX live show? Well apparently, it’s by having 16 bikes SIMULTANEOUSLY BACKFLIPPING THE SAME JUMP.

A strong crowd of motor-heads, extreme sports fans and journalists huddled inside the 02 on a cold Thursday evening to watch the Nitro Circus crew attempt yet another World Record, by simultaneously backflipping 16 motorbikes over the same jump. I hadn’t fully understood quite how dangerous this stunt was going to be until I was stood looking up at the ramp when the boys were warming up. Each rider would be slipping with approximately 2mm gap between face and chain/tyre/exhausts, all whilst upside down, 25m above the ground. Even the slightest mistake from one rider could cause an accident of horrific proportions.

Nitro Circus’ directors of mayhem Jeremy Rawle and Gregg Godfrey were on hand to ensure we were all suitably terrified, and that we were ready for the  16 tons of bones, blood and engine oil that I was convinced was about to come raining down on us. The danger was further stressed at the sad news of the death of Eigo Sato, one of the top FMX riders in the world, who had died earlier that day. The riders were given the option of pulling out of the stunt in respect for their fellow rider, but not one of them would – instead they were all determined to complete the stunt to honour the World Record in his name.

And we’re happy to report that they NAILED IT. Another piece of Nitro Circus’ bizarre and fucking messed up history complete. The only thing left to top it was the movie: NITRO CIRCUS 3D. If you like seeing humans on wheels launching themselves into water/across dirt jumps/across skyscrapers with no regard for their own safety (and who doesn’t), then I fully recommend seeing it.

Nitro Circus: The Movie 3D will be available on 3D Blu-Ray and DVD on 25th March 2013

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