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We had a crazy  night out with one of the most irreverent, UK based rock bands: the Black Bullets. They were performing at Roxx in Southampton last week and we had the chance to have a sick chat with them, all about beer&bourbon. I have to say that after all this drinking, our memory was a bit blurred but we’ve managed to put together, exclusively for you, a snapshot of this edgy band.

The Black Bullets are made up of four, next-level elements: Rob Castle “the voice”, Stevie Pearce “the lead guitar”, Carl Donoghue “drums” and, last but not least, Jim Bones ”the bass”.

But let’s find out more about this edgy crew… 

First of all: when did you guys decide to form the band?

The band came together in December 2011 after Rob and Stevie decided to form the darkest and nastiest project they always dreamed of. Carl Donoghue was a key target for drums as he had played with Stevie for the past 4 years. The band needed one more, being the bass; this had to be filled by someone that could handle the roll and the Bullets way. After many auditions the Bullets found Jim Bones, a well seasoned musician with the heart to carry this machine to where it needed to be.

Does your name, The Black Bullets, have a special meaning and why?

One of us mistakenly put money in a condom machine, expecting to put it over the others’ bottles and blow beer everywhere when they weren’t looking, then looked like a complete idiot when a vibrator dropped out the machine… was called a “Black Bullet”……the rest is history!

What kind of strategy do you have when you write a new song? Do you work all together?

Castle writes the lyrics mainly but then we add and mix things up according to what we all feel works best. As the songs come together musically we all write together, as it works so much better with all four of our heart and souls being pumped in. Individually we all have our input but nobody has a specific job in the song writing – it’s all equal.

Do you first write the music and then the words? Or do you do it the other way round?

The Bullets write organically really, the lyrics are written and also riffs and the music is compiled and all thrown in when we get together. There’s always a phone call and a follow up of what we need to get this down. And then it’s all roped together there and then.

What are the bands that influence you the most?

Mainly the bands we played with recently, i.e. The Hip Priests, Hellfire Preachers, etc. The older stuff such as 70′s rock, Motorhead and Lizzy are all poisoned into our veins so it’s never uncommon to hear one of us listening to something within those lines but I still think it’s better we just play and try not to be like anybody else.

Are you working on some special project at the moment?

We have a lot of things planned for this year and the next and hopefully will be in a few different places in the way of travel, and recording wise, we have some special little numbers almost ready!

Can you reveal to the audience, something about the projects you have in the pipeline?

Yeah for sure: “We are going to take over the town you live in, play there and leave it like a chain saw was left on full revs”

Your upcoming EP is “The Thirteens”.  What are the genres that have influenced it? How long have you worked on it?

We usually have ideas floating about, then get together and write a track about events or things that have happened or people we know. The “Thirteens E.P.” was easy actually, as it’s about a close group of misfits who love to build custom bikes and tear ass everyday and ride out all over. “Thirteens” is just generally about us and them not giving a shit, not worrying and seeing where it gets us. It seems to have worked out so far so good, but as far as genre goes we never even asked each other what genre we wanted to play when we met each other – it just came out the way it comes out.

Is there a different approach, or different kinds of influences, compared to your previous works?

The different yet most affective approach we had is what made the Bullets the Bullets. Castle split from the last band and was not in a good place.  He and Stevie spoke about a project and that was all that was said. Both met, accompanied by Carl Donoghue, a drummer who worked along with Stevie on projects for the past four years and nothing much was said really, just relentless jams of songs which were written and never played. No word of which band they wanted to be, sound like or even a word of genre. The Bullets created what came naturally, from what was  within all  of their blood. After many auditions, the Bullets found Jim Bones, a well seasoned musician with the heart to carry the rhythm and the same musical heart of the founding three. From this moment on the brotherhood was made, an unspoken bond of which can only be spoken through full speed, filthy, nasty rock n roll.

Do you think you might take other elements on board? Maybe new instruments?

A bikini-clad, triangle playing girl might just put the cherry on the cake actually.

What sorts of plans do you have for the future?

Keep playing music and laughing a lot, having as much fun as possible and not giving a fuck!

How do you see the band in 5 years?

On Top of the Pops, baby!

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