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 If you are addicted to Rock n’ Roll, you’ve come to the right place. After a heavy night out with the Hip Priests, one of the most exciting emerging bands on the UK music scene, this is what these guys revealed to us:

When have you guys decided to form the band?

The Hip Priests came together in 2007 when four fuck-ups from Nottingham decided to get together to make the most debauched, lewd and loud scumbag rock n roll that our booze and drug addled brains could produce. There was one goal then, as there still is now – to fuck and get fucked up at every given opportunity while spreading our genius sonic filth to the masses around the world.

Does your name, The Hip Priests, have a special meaning and why?

It means nothing to us but to those that have witnessed the live experience it means four deadbeats playing their souls out in sweat drenched rooms, delivering the most glorious, raw, down and dirty punk rock n’ roll they’ve heard and then trying to fuck the girls and steal drugs off the boys.

What kind of strategy do you have when you write a new song? Do you work all together? Do you first write the music and then the words? Or do you do on the other way round?

Lee Love, the Priests supplier of dirty bottom end is the man responsible for the glorious filth we spew out. Fuelled by strong lager, his deviant mind and a slew of seedy tour experiences, he just pisses out song after song. The band then get hold of it, speed it up, fuck it up and turn it into another Priests anthem to make the boys hard and the girls wet.

What are the bands that influence you the most?

Anyone that’s been capable of writing white hot rock n roll and then kickin out the jams live does it for us. From the glory days of Detroit through punk, hardcore, the Scandinavian garage scene and more there’s a been a ton of great bands that we’ve taken cues from and then mixed it all up to create the glory of the Priests. If we had to name one band that encapsulate the same things we’re about it would be Zodiac Mindwarp & The Love Reaction, though we gotta say that since he’s Lees estranged dad.

Are you working on some special project at the moment?

We’re always working on something special whether that’s the next sweat soaked gig, the next tour to strange lands or the next number one record. People wanna book us and put out our records so there’s always something going on. We just released two 7″s on two separate labels in a month, have already recorded the next one and are booking some fuckin killer gigs. Added to that we’ve just sorted out a deal with an online site to distribute all our merch right across the globe. The virus is spreading further everyday.

Can you reveal to the audience, something about the projects you have in the pipeline?

There’s a couple of things we’re working on that we can’t announce just yet but from the stuff we can – we’re about to give Full Tilt Bullshit it’s third repress on vinyl as the first two have sold out and there’s still a big demand for more copies, there’ll be a split 7″ released with the mighty Black Bullets and a tour to promote it and also another split 7″ and US tour with a great band we just hooked up with.

What are the genres that have influenced your last album, Full Tilt Bullshit? How long have you worked on it?

Genres? Drinkin, druggin and fuckin were the biggest influences on that album, what else would you need? We knocked the songs together in a couple of months and then went in and recorded it all live and deafeningly loud in two days, no messin about.

There is a different approach, or different kinds of influences, compared to your previous works? Do you think to take other elements on board? Maybe new instruments?

Hahaha, no, we do what we do and no need to mess with it or fuck it up. It’s honest, simple punk rock n’ roll and it’s perfect the way it is. Other than the Stooges style one finger piano that we stick on everything it’s just guitar, bass and drums. We did get a girl to come in and do backing vocals on Terminal Lust though and it made her that wet she ended up pleasuring herself on the mic and we used it on the mid section of that song!

What sorts of plans do you have for the future?

Keep steering this train wreck for as long as possible until it all ends in one massive, glorious ball of flames. Come and witness the glory and carnage before it’s gone forever and you were too fuckin stupid to be able to say you were there.

How do you see the band in 5 years?


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